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Welcome to the Machine Learning Group at Johns Hopkins University!  Use the appropriate links below to join (and tell your friends).

ML Faculty and Research Scientists at JHU

If you do machine learning research, please email Jason Eisner or Mark Dredze.   We can add you to the relevant mailing lists and to

If you are not doing related research but would like to keep an eye on the area, try one of the lists below.

ML Students and Postdocs at JHU

Please sign up for ml-discuss@, the main discussion list for the ML@JHU community.  Technical questions, local news, and local research opportunities are welcome topics for the list, as are ideas for making our community even better (e.g., curriculum).

Other Interested Parties

Anyone is welcome to subscribe to the low-traffic, moderated mailing list ml-announce@, which is limited to announcing machine learning talks, courses, and other relevant events at JHU.