Strong students are invited to apply to JHU for their Ph.D. or master’s degree.  [Faculty candidates: Apply for jobs here.]

Machine learning at JHU is an active cross-departmental interest area.  Students should apply to join the graduate program of the department that best fits their interests, for example:

Certain requirements will vary by department.  However, department boundaries are quite permeable at JHU.  Students ordinarily take coursework from multiple departments, and it is not unusual for a student to have a dissertation advisor or dissertation committee members from another department.

Deadlines for fall Ph.D. admission are typically in December of the previous year.  The application form is online, with a modest application fee.  As for any Ph.D. application, it is a good idea to identify some prospective advisors before applying, and to give your recommendation letter writers plenty of notice.

Most Ph.D. students at JHU are fully funded for tuition, stipend, and health insurance, through a mix of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, training grants, and  fellowships.