Spring Talks

Spring 2011

May 3 – Combining structured predictions from multiple “experts” without any supervised data (Alex Klementiev)

Apr 26 – Rare class prediction (Juri Ganitkevitch)

Apr 19 – Hyperparameter estimation in Dirichlet process mixture models (Nicholas Andrews)

Apr 12 – Dirichlet processes and DP mixture models (Adam Teichert)

Weekly Tip: Ever wanted an exceptionally high-quality, fast random number generator for Java? It claims to be about a third faster than Java.Random.

Apr 5 – Permutation tests (Xuchen Yao)

Weekly Tip: Fast addition in the log domain with lookup tables

Mar 29 – Paired permutation tests (Xuchen Yao) Predicting self-training performance (Scott Novotney)

Mar 22 – Spring “break”

Mar 15 – Dual Decomposition (Michael Paul)

Weekly Tip: When optimizing a non-convex function with L-BFGS, dumping the history (approximation to the inverse Hessian) whenever the algorithm thinks it’s converged can help avoid local optima. This comes from a post by Aria Haghighi on the Q/A section of [http://metaoptimize.com/ MetaOptimize. Thanks to Markus for finding this.

Mar 8 – Video lecture on reinforcement learning for autonomous helicopter flight (Wes Filardo)

Feb 22 – Decision theory for statistical inference (Joshua Vogelstein)

Check out [ webpage Alternate link.

Feb 15 – Metric Learning (Delip Rao)

Weekly Tip: The prior proportions vec{tau} of a hierarchical Dirichlet process can be sampled by simulating how new components are created for n_{m,k} draws from the Dirichlet process with precision alpha tau_k, which is a sequence of Bernoulli trials. See Section 6.1.12 of “Mixture Block Methods for Non Parametric Bayesian Models with Applications” for details.

Feb 9 – Robust parameter estimation in Bayesian networks (Ves Stoyanov)

Weekly Tip: The number of connected components of a graph is equal to the number of zero eigenvalues of the graph Laplacian. See lemma 1.7 in Spectral Graph Theory, by Fan Chung

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