Machine Learning Tea

The Johns Hopkins Machine Learning Tea is an informal gathering of students and postdocs interested in machine learning, statistics, and their applications. We meet every week while class is in session. If you’re interested in attending, please sign up for the [ Google group] for announcements and discussion. [ Snacks] and, of course, tea will be served (and there’s an espresso machine nearby for coffee).

”’Where:”’ Hackerman 306

”’When:”’ Tuesdays @ 2:00pm

The format will usually be a 15-20 minute talk followed by time for questions, discussion, and mingling. On occasion, we may have an open forum rather than a talk. The talks are derivations, tutorials, how-to’s, presentations of work in progress, surveys, etc. We may also present papers from conferences such as [ ICML], [ AISTATS], [ NIPS], although there is a separate [[ML Reading Group]] (and the [[NLP Reading Group]] reads a lot of ML papers too).

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